Displaying data from repeating group in pop up group

This is a question related to a question I made yesterday which I thought I had answered but I’m still having problems with: Making pop up show image from repeating group
I have a repeating group in which each entry shows two images. I want to be able to click on one of the images and have it show in a pop up. After doing the workflow, only letter “A” shows up, even when I click on letter “B”

Bellow is the workflow I made. “image1 output” is the element containing the letter A and “image2 output” is the one containing the letter B.
Step 1: element actions - show Popup A

Step 2: element actions - display data in Group A (Group A is in Popup A)

Step 3
Popup A

Step 4
Group A
“observations” is the data type where the repeating group obtains its data from

Step 5
Image 1

Bellow is what always show up on the pop up when I run the preview. “B” should show up on the lower right hand corner when I click on repeating group “B” but instead only “A” shows up.
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.04.30 PM

Thanks in advance for any help