Show Data from repeating group in a Pop up

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I am building an app that should allow the user to be able to see the information from a repeating group in a pop up. I have already set the workflow considering the same thing of my repeating group. The issue is that the only info that is showed as per the repeating group information is the one in a “multiline imput”. What dynamic text do I need to set in order to show the info from the repeating group? Also, these info can’t be modified.

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You should be able to send data from Repeating Group to a Pop up using “Display data” action from workflows. (Element the pop-up you want to show, and Data to display the current cell that triggers the action).

Set the content of the Pop up to that Database Category and let the source empty (you will display the data from the repeating group).

And all the elements of the pop-up instead of “do a search for value” use Parent group value.

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