Displaying date range on Calendar


I’m using the RG Calendar plugin. I need to display the correct date range on the calendar and was hoping someone could help.

Here is the calendar showing Leave Request across the calendar because the only constraint is the user (the red outlined group for Jeff).

If I add a constraint for the start date, I will see this only on the 23rd for Jeff (progress)

How would I adjust this to show from the 23rd through to the 26th?
Here is my database structure

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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I’m still trying to figure out a solution… I may be going down the wrong path?

I’ve read other forum posts saying to make a list of dates then filter these dates (also that <-range-> would not work). So I’ve installed this plugin, 1T-List of dates . I added it to the page and set it up to get dates from Date/Picker A to date picker B (which is great those dates are being added to the database (dateList)

I’ve also added another field in the data base dateList which is a list of dates.

As before I add a constraint for the current user (and can see these dates populate across all other dates in the calendar but only need it to show up on Jan 29 and Jan 30th) How do I filter for this at this stage?

dateList contains (whatever) creates an empty field thus far…

@jared.gibb, @boston85719
Any suggestions you could provide would be extremely helpful.

First thing I have to say is: Use a calendar plugin

Second is: I’ll look thru the post and read it thoroughly later today. Maybe this is easier in vanilla bubble. Idk yet

I seriously appreciate it :bowing_man:

Whoa! I think I may have figured it out… (I’ve gotta do more testing tonight).
I tried using contains (point)
requestDate is a date range in the database
requestDate contains (point) Parent group's date change hours to 0 change minutes to 0 change seconds to 0
fills each specific calendar date which matches the LeaveRequest date frame.

I’ve been stumbling around and trying to solve this one, for quite sometime and hope it does the trick.

If you run into an issue you could also try having your data type store a data field that would be list of dates. When creating the list of dates with the 1T plugin you can then save those as a list to the database, then in the constraints on the calendar use current cell date is in data field list of dates…or may need to be constructed as data field list of dates contains current cells date.

But I believe your approach of contains point should work. My only suggestion to edit that approach would be to change the hours, minutes and seconds on the parent group itself, that way if you need to reference the date in other areas of the app, you are not needing to add the operators to change the hours, minutes and seconds in multiple dynamic expressions.

Hi @boston85719,

I tried using the 1T plugin and was storing a list of dates in the data base but was limited on options and trying to get the current cells date using contains left me with empty data for some reason…

I like and appreciate the suggestion and will change hour, minutes and seconds on the parent group (this makes a lot of sense :D)

Also thank you for the response (it is appreciated!). I try not to post in the forum unless Im really stuck and this one had me bamboozled for quite sometime.

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