List Dates Between Date Range (including first and last date)

Hi All,

I would appreciate if someone could put me in the right direction.
I am struggling to list all dates between a date range. I have read many of the threads but can not find the answer to my question.
I need to list all dates between A Group Request Check in and Check out dates so we can add the number of rooms required each day.

yeah join the club. been looking for awhile.

Might have a solution in a couple of days, will let you know here

The toolbox plugin is probably your friend here.

Nope not

List of dates plugin. Works pretty well!

Yes that is just part of the solution, but have you tried saving the list in the cell if there is a list of inputs for that date? That is what missing and hope to have a solution in a couple of days

Will keep you informed and post it here and some other posts I have seen regarding this topic.

What do you mean here? Can you expand? I’ve definitely saved lists of dates this way

I’d use the list of dates plugin to populate an RG. I’d use list shifter to iterate over the RG and save the list.

@jared.gibb Basically I can set it up to the point where I can list the dates the booking is made for but then there is no way (or i should say I couldn’t find a way and haven’t seen a solution anywhere yet) to create a backend workflow and save as new fields all the input under one cell and under one date. I could modify existing data if i want to but that’s not what I am looking for. At present I just can’t access those inputs no matter how many variations or setups I used. Hopefully, I will be smarter in a few days. Fingers crossed.

Would be happy to over a few ways to do this with you if you don’t solve it soon! I can think of 3 methods to save the data. If I wasn’t getting the kids ready, I’d take a bit more time to respond. Sorry for being short here.

@jared.gibb I am happy to listen to any solution you might have at any time but as I said I have not seen anywhere anything yet and I have at the end escalated it to Bubble support and even they could not answer straight away after a few email conversation.

So YES I am all ears as this holds me back in a project of mine


For posterity’s sake, this will take a date range and split it into a list of dates: Date & Time Toolkit Plugin | Bubble. You just have to place the “SplitDateRanges” element on the page and tell it where to pull the date range from.


This works exactly as described.