Displaying different lessons

Hi fellow bubblers, i am building a duolingo clone but i am facing a problem; a learner is learning a language, a series of sentences are presented to him for him to select the right answer. How do i make sure after he selected an answer another series of sentences will be presented to him? Given that the sentences are displayed in a repeating group, how can i shuffle the sentences displayed in the repeating group?

It really depends on how you set this up, but without seeing it, I would do it in the following way:

In my database, I would create a question thing and then have another thing that I call answers. The answers would be the sentences that you mentioned. On the front end, I would use a repeating group set to fixed number of cells and the row and column would be set to 1. Set the data source to a search of questions you want to display to the user.

Inside the repeating group cell, add another repeating group and set the data source to be current cell’s question’s answers. Then inside the answer repeating group, add a group/button that the user clicks on and create a workflow that documents what they answered and then the last action would be show next from under the elements tab and select the question repeating group and it will move on to the next question.

uhm that’s an interesting way to put it. I’m diving into it thanks very much.