Need Help with Repeating Group Display

Hi everyone, it’s me again. The last time my question got resolved but here’s another one. I badly need your help.

I am creating a quiz webapp but whenever I refresh the page or something, even when I clicked next that shows the next repeating group (Question), I go back to the first repeating group question. What should I do? I want that the quiz taker can go back to the question again, to the question they have yet to answer (even when the log out or exit the browser), not the question they have answered, and when they reached the end, they will have the option to retake the test again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Since I can’t see the setup of your database (questions), if each question is a thing in your database you can create a field “Answered” field type yes/no. (If questions are in option set you can create attribute “Answered” to yes/no type)

In your repeating group you can display the questions using constraints (Answered = No).

To go back and forth you can use custom States.

You can share screenshots if you are still struggling to understand this.

Hope it helps.

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you may use “page is loaded” event with “scrol to entry” action (the first unanswered question).


Hi again @kazimdgoni , thank you for helping me again. Here’s the screenshot of my layers. The first one (b1) is the repeating group. I want to display the questions one at a time.

Hi @salemmo409 thank you for responding. If I understood it correctly, I need to create a custom state?

OMG, thank you @salemmo409 . I took your suggestion (but change it to display list) + @kazimdgoni 's solution and it worked! You guys are the best. :partying_face:

Thank you @kazimdgoni !!!

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Hi @salemmo409 I have another question… how can I make that exclusive to a user, because I tried running it using another user and it went straight to the unanswered question of the other user.

@kazimdgoni , How can I make this exclusive to the current user?

I can’t understand your case

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