Displaying dynamical image on Facebook

Hi all!

I need help on an issue which seems quite simple… however I spent hours to find how to fix it and I totally failed.

Here is my issue: I want to share a page on Facebook and I want to display a dynamic title, description, image. It works 100% for my title and description, but my image doesn’t show up.

My page has a type (« recipient »), my data seems correct :

But Facebook doesn’t accept (or support) the url of my image :

My guess is Facebook doesn’t like “…” and should prefer a more classical url… any idea how to fix that?


That isn’t a URL.

How is the field defined? It needs to be an actual image. Looks like it is being uploaded as base64 encoded or something.

Hi @NigelG !

Indeed… all my pictures were saved in based64, my bad. Now it works perfectly :

Thanks for your feedback :pray:


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