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Thumbnail image not setting on dynamic page using Image (for FB) field

Hey y’all,

I’ve built a feature that allows cafe owners to send their customers a reward via SMS using Twilio. In the SMS I share a link that takes them to a dynamic page to redeem the reward.

So far everything has worked except when I send an SMS, the image I set on the dynamic page in the “Image (for FB)” field, is not shown in the link preview. The link preview is blank (see screenshot below).

I assume this is because the link-sharing functionality is just for Facebook. If that’s the case, is there any way that I can dynamically set an image for the link preview that works across social media platforms and via SMS? I know WordPress does this.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

I am pretty sure this is based on being on a free plan. Bubble restricts SEO function on free plans and this affects the link share.

I have the paid plan.

Maybe check in the settings on your page that you are sharing if there is an image set for the SEO/FB image. Also check the settings in the settings tab for SEO and the link thumbnail image.

I didn’t write out the heading sorry. Apologies for the confusion. I’m trying to set the thumbnail for a dynamic page. I want it to be different to the websites general thumbnail.

Check the page settings.

I have added the image correctly. Inspecting the page shows that it is present.

One of my questions is whether the preview image is only shown on Facebook or whether it will show when you share it on Twitter or via SMS or another means.

Should be across all…it is Image SEO/FB so should be for all…when inspecting you should see two images…one for Image SEO and the other Image FB but one of them doesn’t have a setting in the editor and both are the same image as set in the editor…my assumption is this is because Bubble added one of them later and have set things up to route correctly.

If you are experiencing an issue with it, send in a bug report.

Are you talking about the same feature as I am?

This is the paid plan feature I’m talking about which allows you to change add a unique image for FB on a dynamic page:

Have you pushed this to live yet? I don’t want to sound rude but it truly is an easy mistake to make that I think we’ve all done. Have you pushed the version that “should work” to live yet?

When talking about this I am talking about the page

When mentioning that I am talking about the settings

And @lockymadera is correct. I’ve made this mistake myself in the past, so ensure you have the data in your live database.

Another thing, is check your privacy settings. If the privacy settings are hiding the image then it won’t come through.