Displaying Large text Article

How is the best way to display large text article from the database?. I tried using repeating group but it is not displaying all the text in the article. Thank You

How is the article stored in your database? A single database entry? A single field on one database entry? Multiple fields on one database entry? etc.

It is stored as A single field on one database entry?

So why can’t you just use a single text element to display it?

Or are you trying to do something else?

Perhaps there’s some constraint on the height of the element.

Can you show us a screenshot?

I hope this make sense it does not display when the repeating group is one row one columns , only apart display when it is 5 row one column. I just want a text article with Title and body. The database have a field for Title and another for Body. Thank You.

So you’re tyring to display multiple articles?

Can you check to see if there are blank entries in your database?

If you want to show one specific article and title on a page, you don’t need a repeating group to do that. Just use regular text then point them to the database record.

However, what I suppose you really want to do is have a blog index page, with listing of all your blog titles. And another page for showing blog content.

Then when each article headline on the blog index page is clicked, it takes you to the article page for that particular post.

If this so, I’ll be glad to tell you how to set it up.

Yes this sounds accurate. Thank You

Step 1: Create a page and call it blog lists.

Add a repeating group to this page and set the Type of Content to Blogs (or the name you used).

Here’s an example from my app…

Step 2: Add a text element to the repeating group. Select the first cell and set the content to "Current cell’s blog title"

  • Set link destination to an internal page.
  • Destination page to a page you created for displaying individual blog posts
  • Data to send: Current cell’s Blogs

Here’s an example from my app…

Step 3: On the individual blog display page, double-click on the page and set the Type of content to “Blogs”