View data in a repeating group

Hello everyone, I have a page that generates quotes. I saved the part data using arbitrary text separated by (|||) as shown saved in the database in image 1


I want to take this data and display it in another repeating group on another page. so it only shows the first item instead of all registered items.
Can someone help me ?

What are the grey boxes in your post for? Are those showing us your current setup?

I did not understand your question

Must have been a loading issue when I first saw your post, I can now see the screen shots properly.

I can see in the second screen shot you have a column of Descricao, which under it has ‘current row’s text:split by (III):item #2’ which should work to show the second item…you can use the same type of expression for the Unidade column but instead of being item #2 it would be item #1