Displaying (Not Entering) Data Along a Scale

Hi everyone! I am successfully getting users to input data to items using a slider input, and can use text variables to show off both the individual input values and the overall averages as more data is submitted. However, I’m having a really hard time tracking down whether there is a way to display numeric variables easily.

Ideally, this would allow me to show off data using something like this (designed in Figma):

Is there any solution out there that would help me get close to the above?

I don’t believe this is possible in Bubble using visual built-in elements. Please correct me if I am wrong Bubblers.

However, by using an HTML element and using some SVG inside, it is pretty possible. I could quickly whip up something like below:

I added an HTML element with some SVG in it and get these numbers from textbox to reposition the SVG elements:

Recognize the width, height and layout of the group they are in and positioning of other elements:

You can check the whole example here for inspiration: