Slider doesn't show numbers

I already know how to use the data colected and everything, but the numbers simply won’t appear, please help, I’ve tried everything, but I am not really well versed in this bubbled thing yet, so can someone show me how a sliderInput (simple and range, because I’ll use the two of them) should look like on their min and max value? Thanks!

The slider input doesn’t display the value represented by the handle(s), as you know (I know this from your post title :wink: ).

So, would you believe, that should you desire to display the value, you simply… well, display that value?

Like this (as one of innumerable examples - this one is fugly-looking, but it gets the job done, amirite?):

My slider:

My min and max displays (simple text elements):


In runtime:

Asides: Sliders are not commonly seen input elements anymore and are usually seen as part of custom input elements. This probably explains why the slider input element seems archaic with respect to current Bubble. (For example: the “Range” slider should really output a Bubble numeric range [with :start and :end values] rather than spitting out :min and :max fields. This is inconsistent with Bubble’s concept of ranges and the numeric range data type, but whaddyagonnado?)

There may be sexier sliders that display the value on the handle or whatnot available as plugins. Perhaps someone will suggest one? But this is how you’d do it in vanilla Bubble!


Thank you so much! This helps me so much, I wouldn’t think about it in years!

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Glad to help. Watch any and all of my videos as they’ll spark ideas and give you many “a-ha” moments. Search #lockdownandlearnwithkeith.

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