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Displaying Profile Names in Grid

Hi! I’m trying to create a database of names (and eventually profile pictures) on one page, and display them dynamically on a front page.

Similar to this ‘pinterest’-style forum post.

It should just be a matter of having a text field create a new Thing, inputting a Name field into that Thing, and then (on a separate page) having a repeating group search for the Thing, and the text field inside the group search for the Thing’s name. Correct?

My two questions, then, are what am I doing wrong based on the attached pictures? And can this ‘front page grid’ of names and/or pictures be created dynamically based on the number of names/pictures?

Thanks in advance!

the setup looks good. I would need to try using the app in Debug Mode or a link to the editor to help

It doesn’t look like you are doing anything wrong from what you are showing. Can you share the link to the editor so we cna take a look?

Also couple of things to think about;

  1. Data Type, I would change the datatype to ‘Profile’
  2. I would change the field to ‘Name’ instead of Pname
  3. Input field, simply call it Input Name
    it will make the Readability easier as your app grows. If you look at the Create workflow, you would see this would become, “Create New Profile, Name = Input Name value” (and I would add :trimmed) to the end to clear off any spaces.

Thanks for the responses! I’ve created a generic version demonstrating my issue:

I appreciate the time, guys. I’m new to the platform and have been impressed with the quality and timeliness of the forums!

In the example editor, the Data Source for the Repeating group is not set

But the data source is showing in your original post. So I am curious if in your original example if

1 - you put a constraint on the Do a Search For, and if so what is it?
or 2 - if you have set up any privacy settings for your data -> under Data Tab then Privacy