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Can someone help me sort out my search functionality and create a profile page?

Hello fellow bubblers!

I’m quite new to bubble and looking for some help, so apologies if these questions are very basic! I’ll go through my problems 1 by 1 to make it as easy to follow as possible. So as an outline; I’m trying to build a listings website for parking spaces.

Problem 1 )

The main data I want to store in my app is ‘Parking Spaces’ which are added by users. However, I want the person who is adding a parking space (and subsequently a person who is looking for them) to be able to choose from drop down menu’s to choose ‘the type of space’, ‘country’, ‘city’ and ‘Area’. So I have added data types for Country,City and area to use dynamic choices from the data base in the drop downs . There is only 2 choices for “type” so I have used static choices and written them in.

The problem I am having is that when I use my search function the spaces are not showing in the repeating group, I have tried two things. ;

  1. Workflow - When user hits “search” - display list in repeating group ‘Parking spaces’ and added in constraints for all the variables eg; Country = Dropdown Country’s value.
  2. In the Repeating Groups Element Editor - Type of Content = Parking Spaces, Data source = Search for parking spaces and then inputted the same constraints as point 1.

Problem 2 )

Once the user has submitted their parking space their is a button going to their profile page, in which I want to show their Submitting parking spaces - again in a repeating group but I do not know what data to send.

Problem 3)

Maybe this is just a development version blip, however whenever I am not logged in on my preview mode - A page that I have set to show when the user is logged in, displays for 1 or 2 seconds and then the sing-up/login pop -up appears.

Problem 4)

I can’t seem to set the width of my shapes to the full length of the page - for instance on the index page, my background image is the widest element and is still visible at either side of my footer.

Problem 5)

When you release different iterations of your app, do you lose all of the data on your previous live version? Example will my parking spaces be lost if I update my site from previous versions?

Sorry for the long post, trying to move as quickly as possible to get this live.

Many Thanks,

Craig McDonald

Anwser to problem 2

On the user profile page display a repeating group with data type parking spaces Then do search for parking spaces : filtered created by current user

That should work in displaying there submitted listings

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Can you make your app public ? And post the link, it is far easier to help when we can see what you have built.

Thanks @ItsJustBusiness I’ll give that a try!

@NigelG Sorry Nigel, Would you mind telling me how to go about this? Will this make my app open for people to edit without my permission?

It is in the settings tab of the editor.

Yes, anyone could edit. But you can make it private again.