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Displaying X number of results for X search message


I’d like my search page to display a message that displays X results for X search term. I’ve set this up so that it does display a number of results AND it displays my search term, but the number of results stays the same every time regardless of search results.

Here’s what the logic is currently like:


And here’s how it currently displays (I have searched for New York, and even though there are no results for New York, the results field show a number 4, which is the total number of database entries for listings).

Hope someone can help, I feel like I’m missing something obvious!


What does the search query look like?

The user clicks ‘View all properties’ on the search page, and it should search ‘London’ as default (it doesn’t currently, but I’d like it to).


This is the workflow for the ‘View all properties’ button - all it does right now is take the user to the search page, it doesn’t pass any data.


This is the search query on the search page (the value is just 'Current Page Search’s Location)

I need to first set the default location from the button as ‘London’, and then when you’re on the search page you c an change the location (in addition to the search filter number working properly)

Here’s the public link if this helps:


Hi @pc001,
You were always getting the total number of listings because that is exactly what you had stated : Search for Listings:count.
What you want is to get the count of the search result. You can easily get this from the repeating group’s listing count.
I’ve fixed this for you so that part is working now.

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For the setting the default search location to london, simply set the Default location of location_search to London, UK.
Note that with this you will only get one result with your current listings available as at the time of making this post. This is because you’re searching withing 1 mile of the location (here London, UK).

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Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your help! I’ve set the default location to London, UK as that’s the only location we’re launching in.

I wish I could change the search field to only include London addresses (and the same for the address field when a user lists a property - instead of it being a global field). I’ll have a little search and see if this is something I can do, but otherwise you’ve fixed my issue!

EDIT: What’s also unusual is that I’ve listed 3 properties in London, but only 1 shows up when I type in London. Any ideas?

It is only showing 1 result for london eventhough you have 3 listings because your search says the address should be 1 mile from the search location. Google places london, UK around 1 Whitehall, London, United Kingdom. Therefore your search will return only the listings that are within 1 mile of 1 Whitehall, London. In your case the it is only the Shaftesbury Avenue, Greater London listing that is within 1 mile (specifically 0.5 mile) of that address

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Ah, that’s good to know - didn’t realise that it was the case. So really i need to increase my search radius to cover London from Whitehall, unless there’s a better way of doing it?

Is there also a way of just having London as the searchable addresses?

Hi @pc001,
I’m not sure of your business model, but i was wondering if all your listings are going to be in london, why do you need the address search box? I can’t see a use case where a user will be looking for a property at a very specific address. But i can see the case where the user wants to search for listings in some particular area/suburb of london. I don’t know how london is sub divided but if there is something like that, maybe you can have that information as part of the field when creating a new listing. Then users can search with that field.
Or what about doing something similar to what airbnb does (see snapshot below). That is showing a map with pins on the listing so that users can select a listing from the map or from your repeating group.

In case you decide to implement the second option, see the this thread Image in Google Map Marker and Making it Clickable?

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