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How to show items more than 10 in search box ? and Keyword not working

I’m working on search box. I have a list of occupation for user to search their own job. This list is about 400 items. There are 2 issues here.

Issue 1:
e.g. If user is business owner, once user typed in keyword “owner”, it will look for word “owner” and show up the list of text starting with “owner” and following by business type. For example, “owner - shop”, “owner - retails”, “owner - furniture”, etc.

The trouble I’m in right now is there are more than 10 items started with “owner”. However, the shown up list is limited to only 10 items. So, user cannot see the others.

Issue 2:
Also I would like user to put keyword and search box will look for that keyword in the occupation list. I found the search box shown up only some items but not all.

Very appreciated your response. If the search box is not proper for huge list of data, can you recommend for other tools ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @saycheeseins :slight_smile: Since you have a large set of results, I would recommend using an input element and repeating group beneath it instead of the search box element. This way, you can create search constraints on the repeating group such as “Company Name” contains Input Keyword Search’s value. As your app becomes more complex, you can then add other search filters such as: “Company Address” is within 20 miles of Current User’s location, as one example. Or, create a list of tags on the data type, and then the search constraint could be “Tags contains Input Keyword Search’s value”. It’s also a more flexible design since you can put any visual elements in the RG that you’d like to display about the Company (images, text, links).

In this example, the repeating group beneath the Input element does a Search For Companies, and the Company Names are displayed dynamically along with their logo and a link element to email them.

Hi @fayewatson thank you for reply. I will try as your recommended. However, I tried with dropdown box as well. I just thought that search box may look nicer comparing with dropdown box. :slight_smile:

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