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Disqus integration in repeating groups

Hi, I’m trying to integrate disqus in each row of the repeating group but I need Disqus to treat each row as a separate thread of comments. So I tried to insert current cell’s type’s( in my case it’s user post) unique id into Disqus identifier, but Disqus still treats all of the cells as one thread.
Any ideas?
Also, is it configure that scroll appears automatically when the elements become bigger in height. For example after adding a few comments in disquss they don’t fit in the repeating group window (which is set to fixed 1 row and a fixed height).

Can you reproduce this situation on the forum app That would be easier for us to help there.

Emmanuel, done, the page name is Levon. As you can see I have put 2 comments in 2 different cells, but they appear together because discuss treat them as coming from the same page/thread/identifier
Also, if more comments will be added then they won’t be seen because there is no scroll auto-enabling option to the repeating group as far as I could see it.

So i’m not sure about your disqus setting, but the data that get sent seems right, each cell has a different id. I made some changes to the page to show both entries in the same page, and the second one doesn’t display.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Disqus doesn’t let you embed two elements in the same page. have you ever seen that design?

the goal is not to have to disqus elements on the same page, but to differentiate the elements by an identifier. Disqus assigns a thread ID based on the URL. In our case it’s just one URL which doesn’t change, so obviously Disqus treats it as one thread. But Disqus allows to differentiate comments by an identifier. So I was hoping that if we use dynamic data for that field disqus will treat elements as different threads. Is ID of each cell sent to disqus from the embed code in the current configuration?

I found a solution to the disqus problem by inserting currentURL and current cell’s unique ID into the Disqus URL field in the settings! :smile:
The only problem now is how to enable auto-scrolling of the block when more comments are added. Right now the height of the repeating group is fixed and the number of cells is also fixed to 1. Any ideas?

Cool. I’m pushing something that will make the Disqus element scrollable automatically if it gets longer. Not sure we can expand the repeating group row as we do for other elements, because disqus doesn’t really expose a way to know when it’s getting higher.

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Thanks a lot Emmanuel!
if the Disqus element itself becomes scrollable that will do.

Hi Emmanuel,
Is it possible to make the scroll bar design customizable? I need something more elegant for disqus block to fit into the page design, maybe like bubble editor’s scrollbar?

Not really. That’s a disqus design there, since it’s in iframe, and they’re using the native browser scrollbar (which is always a safer choice). It’s not at the Bubble level.

just realized that the scroll bar is not showing on mobile, could you fix that too?


Disqus comments are cut off on mobile when the thread grows long. Is it possible to show the full thread with a scroll bar like on the desktop browsers? Thanks.