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i’m trying to make a feature where a repeating group underneath a certain post is able to take comments in a thread like style, like reddit, where someone can post a comment to the post, but then someone else can respond to that comment

i have datatypes COMMENTS, which have the fields; post its attached to, user who commented, and reply to comment (text)

im having trouble with making the repeating group for the comments underneath the post, have each its own mini repeating group that’ll be the replies to that individual comment, if that makes sense.

the main idea is like reddit if you know what that’s like, and i hope this made sense. if anyone can help that would be great!

Inside a Comment, you can define a List of Comments, and call it Replies or something like that. Then the inner RG will show Replies of Current Cell’s Comment of the outer group.

Put the inner RG inside a hideable collapsible group that hides (and collapses) when Replies:count = 0 so that the inner group shows only when there are replies.

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