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Disqus Pluggin without connection

Hi !

I want to create a comments system, I see the Disqus Pluggin, but is it obligatory that the user connect at FB/Twitter or other ?

Because i would like just a comments system, without connection because my users are already connected on my Bubble App.

Somebody knows, how can I do that ?

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Hi Camille! I think it is required to login with a social media account, or to sign up for Disqus to comment. Since you don’t want your Users to have to do that, you could create a commenting system in Bubble with a repeating group. Here is a simple example in the forumapp:



In this example, I first created a new data type called “Comment”, with two fields “text” and “Owner” (the User who wrote the Comment). We could use Creator, but if a User is deleted, we want to be able to keep the comment and connect the comment to a “FormerUser” field (Type: User, List: No):

In this example, Users comment on going to a Horse show (which is a type of Event). To do this, I placed a list of Comments field within the Event Data Type:

In preview mode,-a User can writes a comment and clicks “Add Comment”. In the workflow, a new Comment is created and then it is added to the Event’s list of Comments:

You can have the data source display the Owner’s picture (Current cell’s Comment’s Owner’s Profile Picture), and also have the User’s first name above the comment (Current cell’s Comment’s Owner’s First Name). If you wanted to create a commenting system that had more features (such as replying to comments, liking comments, upvoting or downvoting comments - this is definitely possible to build in Bubble as well). :slight_smile:

Thanks you for your help :slight_smile:

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