How do i create a comment system

i want to allow users to comment on posts and blogs how do i create this system?


You can create your own list of texts attached to the article or use the disqus plugin

Do what Bubble does… post on

You can use the Not Real Twitter app example if you want to build your own

i am trying to use it but it’s still very confusing to me. how do i set up the data for it properly and then how do i make it post

what do you mean by create my own list of texts attached to the article?

Text multiline input, when click button “save” create a thing “post” or “message” (text type). Create a repeating group to display 'em.

thanks. will give this a try.

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OK so that works if i am creating a blog and i want user’s to comment on it. but if one user makes a post/blog i want other users to be able to comment on it. If i have already created a repeating group to display posts/blogs how do i know attach one for comments?

In your blog page you list various “posts”. You can create a “post page”, so when you click a post title in your blog, it will navigate to the blog page. Inside this blog page you can set a comment feature mirroring what you did with posts.
Bubble makes it easy to mimic any good CMS out there!


thank you. i will definitely try this. i’m going to mimick not so twitter’s reply function. Thanks again!

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I did it on a single page with groups. So I have a repeating group, with each item having a comments icon and number …

Clicking on that brings up the comment group with the summary of the item, and then a repeating group of comments that can be added to as well as upvote and downvote.

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This was very helpful! did you have to create a a new data type for comments?

Yes, I had a new data type. Will post up details when am back.

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Thank you. Will definitely let you know how this worked for me.

Hi @NigelG - thanks for sharing your setup here.

Curious if you implemented a notification system with your comments? Meaning if person A, person B, and person C add comments, will persons A and B receive a notification/email about person C adding a comment?

I’m thinking one way to do so is to have some sort of “Subscribers” field (that’s a list of users or user emails) in thing “Posts” (or your equivalent), but wanted to see if someone else has this working with any recommendations prior to building out.


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No, but it would certainly be possible.

I would be tempted to create a new data type, called Notifications, and create it at the time the comment is created. So create an entry for every unique user/comment that isn’t the current user. And you are right, having a “Subscribers” field would help this.

Doing it dynamically … show me a list of people who have commented on comments I have commented on after the date of my comment … sounds too hard.

But show me a count of “unread” Notifications for Current user : Count (as unread notification count) and then marking them all “read” … might work.


Thanks @NigelG. Not getting email notifications from the forum anymore for some reason so just saw your reply.

For anyone curious we’re starting out with just subscribing to posts’ comments, and are having the Posts keep a Subscribers field where we add users who want to be updated on the comments of the post. If a user comments they automatically get added to that list.

We’ll look into the notification system for a later release, happy to update once we have it.


what about workflows? how did you make this work

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