DivTasker has Launched!

G’Day Everyone,

3 months ago I stumbled upon Bubble and have been learning every little thing I could ever since.

So happy to say my little project is up and running and I would love you guys to try it out when you have a few spare moments. :slight_smile:

DivTasker is a project & task management platform with the ability to outsource your most pressing tasks to freelancers and remote teams. [divtasker.com] (https://divtasker.com)

Honest feedback is more than welcome and look forward to the next phase of development.




The landing page looks awesome, very well designed with some great graphics. The idea is very interesting as well.

One thing I that I notice with a lot of apps off bubble platform is people are always requiring a sign up to “see” the app. Have you thought about having some kind of video tutorial or “showcase” so a person may see what the app looks like and can do prior to signing up?

I don’t know what it might do to help or hurt sign ups, but I personally don’t sign up for an app if I don’t have an opportunity to see what it looks like and how it functions prior to sign up, even if signing up is free. Just a bit hesitant to sign up if I am not sure that it may be right for me.

Hey boston85719,

Thanks for the feedback!. You’re 100% correct, a video is the best way to convey the features. It’s definitely on my list of things to do next as I want them for walkthroughs, support and marketing.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Nice. I put up a post before about how to create a walk through if it is of any help to you.

In terms of videos I have come across a animated explainer video platform that seems promising and I may use myself.

Good luck with everything.

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Just pumped out a quick video so you can see how it looks before deciding to go through the signup. :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/2K5CYmLSRjk

Thanks again for checking it out!

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You should add a transition to your header element when it swaps from blue to white so its a bit smoother. Something like an ease in-out transition on 200ms would look really good.

Apart from that it is looking pretty good. Great work!

Thanks will give that a try. :+1: really appreciate you having a look.

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+1 for the transition in the header (fade or collapse up/down).

EDIT: When hiding the share buttons, I have to guess where to hover the cursor to get the arrow (<<) button back. If I may suggest: making the share buttons like 3-5px wide instead of completely hidden might help

Impressive work! Congrats :wink:

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