Do a search for a list of geographical addresses

Hi! I am stuck trying to link a dropdown with my database.

I’m trying to make a dropdown (please see the images) for academic institutions inside cities. So, the “Institutions” dropdown should be dependent of the “geographical place search input”.

I made the “City” field (inside the “Institution” data type) a list of geographical addresses because some institutions might appear in more than one city.

I am trying to Do a search for - Institutions where City = “input search box geographical place” but I can’t find that option “input search box geographical place” (as you can see on the image). What can I do?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Hi there, I am experiencing the same issues. Have you figured out how to make it work?

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Hi @parkertoth01! I managed to do it like this (see picture):

Note that “Search for institutions” has no constraints.

This works perfectly, thank you!