Multi-dropdown limitation?

Hi guys, I’m trying to use the multi-dropdown to select cities in Brazil but this needed to be saved as geographic places as I’m using it later on to compare distances between cities. I can select type of choice as geographic address but it doesn’t allow me to select Brazil as if it was a search box.
Any idea on how can I achieve that?
Thanks in advance.

Hey, @vitorbgaspar,

Are this cities static? Meaning that only you (developer) will add or remove cities :slight_smile: :computer:

hi @hacker, thanks for checking.
Actually the list of cities would come from Google.
I need to have something similar to a search box (as in the picture below) but be able to select more than one … like the multidropdown.

Ohh, okay.

Instead of having the Field in your Data Type:
city = geographic address

You can have
cities = list of geographic address

This way, you can “add” as many cities as you want in your Data Type

hi @hacker , thanks again for checking. I’ve manage to have the field as list of geographic address and I’m able to add more than one city in the DB. My issue is in the multidropdown itself, where I’m not finding a way to show the options (Choices source) coming from Google. In a normal search box, I can select the source to be Geographic places and then I chose the country and radius. But in the multidropdown this option is not available.