Do a search for... Which is better?


I’m wondering if it’s better to add as much constraints as i can or as little as i can while doing “Do a search for…”?

Which way is better in terms of optimization and speed?


Constraints will be processed in Bubble’s server and you will get the list already filtered.

Filtering, grouping and etc will be processed in your user’s browser.

So if you have a big database it is better to already get it as filtered as possible from the server if you will need to filter it anyway…



Complementing @rpetribu great advice and contrary to instinct… my experience has been that the more constraints you place on server runs (searches, not filtering which is done by the browser) the faster returns come back.

This not to say that objects in your dB should be loaded with fields. On the contrary, the lighter your objects are the faster things run.

This is an interesting read (paid) from @petter . Highly recommended: