Do a search for with conditionals performance


I´ve a text element in my app that shows a “do a search for invoice´s:sum” by default and a conditional with another “do a search for invoice´s:sum”

So, just came to my mind if both “do a search for” are loaded on page load or if Bubble only loads the one that fits the conditional.

Does anyone know?

@johnny @NigelG @mishav what you guys think?

Thanks a lot.

Not sure I understand the question :slight_smile:

I think what he’s saying that,

Say you have a text element with 2 conditionals

  1. InputStartDate>CurrentDate then, Do a Search for ETC
  2. InputStartDate<CurrentDate then Do a Search for ETC

On Page Load, is Bubble doing both searches at once, or only doing them when the conditional values are met?

Good morning @NigelG and @bcart0v,

Yes my question is like @bcart0v said. He explained better, hehe.

Do you guys know what’s the behavior?

I personally don’t think that it preforms the searches until the conditions are met, there are many reports in my app that use a bunch of conditional statements depending on user input, and it’s not immediate when changing options so I imagine that it’s preforming the searches as the conditions are met, but I’m not 100% certain that’s the answer.