Troubleshooting "Do Search For" in Bubble: Seeking Insights

Hey everyone!

I’m in the process of developing an MVP and need an immediate response, please.
I’m currently facing an issue with the “Do search for” functionality in Bubble. I’ve been using “Do search for” along with filters to narrow down my searches. However, it’s not working as expected. After some digging, I discovered that removing filters, excluding “public_setting,” gets things back on track. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why it’s happening or explain the logic behind it.

Could it be possible that combining regular search constraints with additional filters is causing some sort of breakdown?

If anyone has experienced something similar or has any insights, I’d really appreciate your input. Let’s keep it casual and straightforward, so we can all get on the same page. Thanks!

Why are you not just using search constraints?

Thank you for your reply! That’s because I want to perform an ‘&’ search.

Background: I aim to create a platform using the “Do Search For” feature with an advanced filter to conduct searches with AND conditions from the search box. However, when I input regular expressions in the advanced section of the filter, other search conditions cease to function, rendering the search feature ineffective. Specifically, even without any specific filters, the default state fails to display any data at all.

Issue Encountered: The data that should be displayed based on the applied filters is not showing up at all.

Attempts to Resolve: After conducting A/B testing by modifying conditions, I found that when I remove all filters except for “Public-setting=public” in the “Do Search For” filtering section, all data is displayed. This leads me to suspect that the issue might be due to an excessive number of data filters causing abnormal behavior. However, I am currently stuck without a fundamental solution to proceed with the development.