Do a searh for Date = Day of week


I am building a booking system in our app and to help people find time slots that suit them better I would like to have a filter option to view workshops that are in specific day of the week.

Right now there is a list of workshops with date data field. Is there a way to add a constriant in the “do a search for” where Date = on a Monday? I know I can add an additional field in the data to include day of week during the creation of the thing, but wondering if there is a easier way.


Bubble assigns a number to each day of the week. 0-6 is mapped to each day from Sunday to Saturday.

So when you have a date type field, you can use the :extract day operator to get this value. After that you can simple do a filter by a number.

So to filter these values I’d run something like do a search for things: filtered
And my filter would have an Advanced field with this thing's dateField :extract day = 1 to filter for Mondays

Here’s a quick example you can copy/paste into your Bubble Editor and play with:

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Damn @atomicfusion beat me to it. Yep use your search to narrow it down as much as you can, then use :filtered after the search with the advanced constraint.

(Obviously yours will say Workshop not Purchase Order)


Thank you! I didn’t know about the filter and advance function, this opens up a lot more options!

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