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Do API workflows scheduled to run in the past get triggered immediately?

I just scheduled an API workflow to be run on a big list. The schedule date is dynamic, pulling from a date field for each list item. Some of these dates are actually in the past.

The logs are showing that the API workflow still ran for those items with scheduled dates in the past. Does Bubble not ignore passed schedule dates and instead trigger them as if they’re current date/time?

yer, thats been my experience when playing with scheduled emails over timezone’s.

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Yes. I stumbled across this the hard way and emails were sent by mistake. I may be an outlier here, but since I was just very affected by not knowing this, I suggest that this behavior be explained either an info tip below the scheduled date field or at least in the reference. Even better, give users the option to include/exclude past dates. @emmanuel


it makes me wonder how long past a scheduled workflow that hasn’t managed to actually send could the action still be live? and is that possibly why a previous time fires off immediately?