User can schedule email to be sent by Bubble at specific date?

My app users can “save” a message to be sent via email to a specific address on a specific date (unless their status changes) but I am not figuring out how to make a Bubble "check everyday for messages that have the “send date” field for Today and send them via email.

Any ideas?


Instead, you should use a Schedule API (Backend) Workflow.

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Thanks! Interesting, I have some questions about that:

  1. Can I test it on the Hobby plan?

  2. How would you make it "search for messages scheduled for today? (I see there is a Current date/time option but I don’t think I can run this workflow every second)

  3. Where do you define the “trigger” of this schedule workflow?

Sorry for so many questions! I’m still learning :wink:


No, it only works on a paid plan.

You schedule the workflow using the schedule action after you setup an API endpoint in the Backend Workflows.

Scheduling the workflow via the action

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Ok, thanks. I will try it and let you know.

Thanks a lot for helping!

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