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I have set up a workflow on my homepage utilizing the “Do every x seconds” workflow along with the ListShifter plugin that cycles through a repeating group of testimonials. It animates out the testimonial, shifts the list, and animates in the new testimonial. It works really nicely! However, if I leave the page, I end up with: ‘We’ve hit a temporary bug’. I’ve disabled this workflow and now the issue is gone. Has anyone else run into this issue?

It will be nice to share images of your workflow and the link to your site…
Without it, it is going to be hard do tell with precision what is going on…

Here are the workflows in order:

After 8 seconds, Trigger the Carousel Out animation and then Shift the List (Steps 1 and 2)

Once the list has been shifted, Trigger the Carousel In Workflow (Steps 3 and 4)

Here is the site with the carousel live: Removed - back to stealth

The Carousel is at the bottom. If you open the site and then go to a different tab for a few minutes, you should receive the “Oops, temporary error” alert.

Anyone have any idea what could cause this?

Hi @gbenchanoch!

I tried here and didn’t get the error message.
I opened the site, scrolled to the carousel section… change the tab and waited some minutes… I will try again in different browser…

Just tried in my iPhone (Safari) as well. Nothing.

Very interesting. I get it on all devices and browsers. If you don’t mind, can you leave the tab open for the day and keep an eye on it? For me it ranges from minutes to hours but it always shows up eventually. I think it has more to do with my computer going to sleep or that specific tab going to sleep. I appreciate your help!

I will also take a screenshot of the console errors and update this comment.

No problem. I will open it again and leave the tab open for today…

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Received the error message here as well…
After 40 minutes…


Did you receive any message in your debug panel ??

Here is the error I am receiving!

I think this is an issue with bubble’s code.
Try to fill a bug report to see what they have to say…
Keep us updated!

Will do! I actually managed to set up a better way to cycle testimonials without using listshifter. I mimicked @sudsy ’s “pure bubble” method utilizing a single cell repeating group. So far I am not getting any errors but it’s only been implemented for a couple hours so keep an eye on it

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Will do! I really figured out how to set up a superior method to cycle tributes without utilizing listshifter. I copied @sudsy 's “unadulterated air pocket” technique using a solitary cell rehashing bunch. So far I am not getting any blunders however it’s just been carried out a few hours so watch out for it

Does the bubble forum have rephrasing bots like Reddit now?

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