Stripe Plugin to checkout with google pay and apple pay

Hello guys!
I need some help i am trying to find a plugin that uses stripe checkout latest version with apple pay and google pay. Any ideas?


Hey thank you. In the plugin settings i am asked to fill an API key, Publishable key and a Secret Key. I can only find Publishable key and Secret key on Stripe. Can you help me find where i can get The API key


The API key in the plugin will be your secret key. Ensure you enter Bearer before it.

Here is a demo with editor access to the plugin, too for reference:

Ok i set it up and i am only given the credit card option to pay with.

You need to add it as an accepted payment method in Stripe first.

Of course i had to do that! :rofl: Thank you so much!!!

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In order to activate apple pay i need to verify domain ownership and host a file. Do you know how can i do it?

You should be able to host a file on your bubble apps root folder by uploading in Settings > SEO/Metatags > Hosting files in the root directory