Do I really need to spend 14.95 a month to send emails from a

Already have a custom domain for the site.

Trying to send “do not reply” emails to people that come from the same domain. NOt looking for any other email correspondence. Its literally just a notification.

Sendgrid has 100 free emails per month but thats not going to cover testing let alone our production needs.

Is there no free way to just send these “dont” emails?

If you have a google workspace associated, you could send them with a google script and the API connector. you can send something like 20,000 per day.

you could do it without the workspace associated, but you’d lose out on and you’d create something like:
and use the app script account associated with that gmail account


Looks like gives you 12000 emails/month plus API access for free. Does this cover your needs?

Setting up the API should be pretty straight forward.

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thanks @jared.gibb. So emails would come from a gmail account?

thanks @codecompany! I think 12000 would definitely work.

I’ve never set up an API before :slight_smile: … what do you mean by “straight forward”?

Install the API Connector Plugin from Bubble. See the manual below. That will get you started :slight_smile:

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