Setting up sendgrid

Could someone please tell me which language should I chose to get an API from Sendgrid to integrate it?

I don’t know anything about codes and I don’t quite understand how to proceed.

You don’t need any of those.

You just need to create an API key via the settings menu on Sendgrid

Then plug the API key either into Bubble’s native Sendgrid Plugin (found via Settings > Domains & Email)

Or into @copilot 's one: SendGrid Plugin | Bubble


Is anyone seeing problems where their emails go directly to spam once they setup sendgrid to send from a custom domain? This is an issue I found immediately after switching to my custom domain so there’s no way I could have been blacklisted… I had only ever sent 1 email by the time I found they were heading to spam

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I was encountering the same earlier but found the issue. When you do not have the unsubscribe module in your email, then Google automatically flags the email as spam.

Adding the module seems to change the routing to inbox instead of spam. (This is consistent with both the legacy and new transactional templates). Try adding that and let me know if it resolves it for you.

@zelus_pudding - while the issues is related to SendGrid, from a forum management standpoint, since this is different from the original thread (which has been dormant for a year +), it’s better to start as a new topic.

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You have a good point there @dan1- I figured this was a good place to ask since the title is “Setting up Sendgrid” but I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Also, your solution worked! Thank you so much!

Sounds good, glad it worked!

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