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Do Search For with Count Function

Hi Expert!

I have a big problem when Bubble does not return the correct result, it makes my app return the wrong report. I
use Do Search For then count the total of records in the table as the information in the image below


I show all record in database it returns 8 records

Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work, please tell me how to make it works stable.
Thanks so much!

Hi Long,

instead of using a txt element that does search for… with constraints…
have you tried setting up a repeating group with the same search, to see if the search results are the expected ones you count in your database?

Alternatively, you can add “?debug_mode=true” (without the “”) at the end of your URL and click inspect to see what exactly your do a search for is returning in the text element.

Btw, searches can be case sensitive.

hope this helps,
happy bubbling,

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Thanks TipLister for your quick feedback, I only use txt element to troubleshoot and show you the total of record at that time, in fact, I have made the Quiz app, at the end of the quiz I have a check to make sure the total of the answers have to be equal the total of the question of this quiz as information below, if it is not I will show the warning and force the student check and finish all answers before click on Finished Quiz button, but the count function does not work stable show it makes my app wrong report


Could you send me any idea to fix it and also I will run the debug mode to troubleshoot.

Thanks so much for your support!




I find out that it works ok when I run step by step in debug_mode, the issue happens when Bubble app run in normal speed.


Hi Expert!

Nobody can help me?