Text filtering in a "do search for" not working

I am trying to do a simple count where I search the number of records where a value equals “Enable Access for Tenant”. I’m sure it is something really dumb that I am doing but I have been spinning my wheel on this and dont understand why it is not working. The count that I get with the query below is zero when as you can see there several records with that value.

Hi there, @brward7… the first thought that comes to mind when I see a post like this one is privacy rules. Do you have any privacy rules in place on the Tenants data type that would prohibit the things in that data type from being found in a search?


P.S. Just a quick aside and something to keep in mind… Bubble automatically pluralizes data type names in expressions, so it’s a good practice to make your data type names singular so you don’t end up with something like Tenantss.

That was it. I knew it was something dumb, thank you!

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