Do you use your own ID field per Type?

I am in the process of creating my database and I am trying to figure out if I should create a ID field per type.

I want to make sure the data down the road is easy to access and sort, is there really a need?

How do you handle it?

I dont really understand what you mean.
Add emojis to your data types and fields, it will be easier to read.


Say I want to create a grid of item from a type Bubble is a super long Unique ID, so I was thinking that I would create my own ID per type so that I could just do a + 1 each time a new item is added to a type

Guessing you don’t do that, example
ID Event Name Start Date End Date
1 Test Event 04/09/2019 04/12/2019
2 Event Test 04/12/2019

no, if i need to manipulate data from editor; i just copy and paste the Uid

Hey @rtrice81, good question!

Yes, I do this for some key data types in my app which I want to be able to reference later on, for example to reference a specific invoice in the url of a page to display invoice details.

I use the Calculate Formula -> Generate Random String function, and create a 8 char string using uppercase, lowercase and numbers. Even that has gazillions of possible values that (hopefully!) means the first time I have a clash of values will be well after the lifespan of my app!

It is much more succinct than the Bubble ID.

I don’t do it for everything though, just for key types I know I will want to reference that kind of way in the future.

Hope that helps!

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