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Dock Property Editor

The more I use Bubble, the more I really really want the property editor to just be docked to the side. I don’t think I’ve ever needed it to be in the same location as my cursor or area of focus when designing. In fact, I’m often moving it out of the way (even if I still need it visible).

It would be super cool to have it just docked/floating on the right side with the option to hide it when you need more screen space. In the same way the left hand elements panel works.

Just a thought!


I second this. Sometimes it disappears and is hiding off screen

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How wide are your screens? On my 13 inch MacBook it wouldn’t work well.

Now maybe we can add this as an option…

I’ve got a 27 inch screen hooked up to my other 15in laptop.

I’d love to be able to dock the editor as well.

While on the subject, having control over the individual tools on the editor, a la Adobe work space options, is something that’s crossed my mind.

I’ve got a 13" in MacBook Pro, but I turn the retina resolution off and get as much real estate as possible. I do about 50% of my editing on a 24" monitor, 35% of my editing on a 27" Thunderbolt display, and 15% on the 13" screen.

15" laptop and 21.5" desktop. I can see things getting tight width-wise on smaller screens…

Would it be crazy to push the page down and spread it across the top, below the few options already there? Even if it were to take up more height, it could still be floating and the actual page’s dimensions wouldn’t be compromised. Hmm…

We could add an option to make the Property Editor not draggable, but would that change something? I mean, you can also just drag the thing out of the page area and that is the same no? Or I’m missing something?

For me at least it’d be helpful if when the the property editor is toggled on/off, it’s in the same position each time.

complete luxury problem, don’t hate me for nitpicking!

So it should stay at the same place, except when you’re going from design/workflow to styles and vice and versa. Is it what you’re seeing?

I believe so. The way I look at the UI is segmented or nested menus? The far left menu: design, workflow, data, styles etc are highest level. Within the design tab, the UI builder and Responsive menu is lower and finally the property editor is lowest.

For me at least, It’d be cool if it could dock up like the other menus.

I’m not sure if I’m hijacking this thread, and if so, please accept my humble apologies!

No it’s the point of this thread. I’m trying to see what can of improvements we can make here (but i’m not convinced yet ;)) Our challenge is that for some users, on laptop, we HAVE to make the thing draggable. Now i’m trying to see if we could be doing something better for people on wider screens.

So within the Adobe workspace settings, they have undocked vs docked. not sure if this is possible or desirable, but I use these settings often myself within adobe.

(not pictured, expandable context to save more space…or create more headaches hunting for the right tool, :stuck_out_tongue: whichever)

Yes, this is essentially what I’m after too. Stays in the same place and can be toggled on and off. Where it goes, I’m not sure, haha.

Webflow has a similar deal, and as far as I can remember (I don’t use it anymore), they just put most of the property and element tools to one side under tabs:

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I constantly find myself dragging the editor from one side of the screen and back again, then down to avoid having it on top of a particular element, then back again to avoid the opposite. I close it and open it a lot.

I do 100% :frowning: of my builds on a 13" macbook air and it could be a good option to be able to dock it IMO, buuuut I also like the flexibility of being able to drag it across the screen. The editor tends to be closest to the cursor when it’s “in the way”, which is “good”. If all commands would have shortcuts and that interface would work super smooth, I wouldn’t mind having the editor docked. Then pros would most likely rather use the shortcut commands than the mouse anyway.

It can´t be “Just a thought!”

It must be docked !!! Please, I’m getting crazy here!!!

I would definietly appreciate this - annoyingly in the way!!

Is there a way to do this now? How can I temporarily hide the property editor?

Was there ever any action on this from Bubble’s end?

Property editor is driving me to the bottle. :crazy_face:

Docking is (kind of) possible, goto Grid & Borders (in the top bar) and check option Lock Property Editor.