Document Management System

Hi everyone!

I need to build a document management system and I am trying to implement it in bubble.

The idea is that there are three types of users: Administrators, editors and readers. Editors and administrators should be able to upload files (mainly documents in the form of PDF and XML). Readers should be able to see a filesystem (or similar, at least a system with folders of sorts to organize the documents) and then open the documents within the app. The documents should open in (internal) tabs, so users can quickly move between the documents. A key function is to provide document management control, meaning that editors and administrators can keep a record of document revisions and control and oversight over who edited documents and when. The whole purpose is to ensure that readers always are supplied with the latest version of documents. Ideally the app should be designed in a way so it can be transformed to a native android app later on (phonegap?) as well, to allow for offline document reading.

Would that be possible with bubble? Any help appreciated!


Yes, it’s possible. I have worked on a similar project but the files is storanged at Dropbox. I not used Bubble as the editor but you can create your own editor. Send a PM if you need a professional help.

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