Building a web app focused around document generation

Hi all,

New member here. I have done much research on the various options around non/low code platforms, and thought before jumping in and spending months attempting to build my web-app, I check with the members here to determine its feasibility with Bubbles current feature list and plugin support.

I’d like to build a tool where I I set fields on a web based form which are then deposited within Word documents in specific places, when the app is executed, so the result would be a document, or several with the information within them pulled from this centralised database.

My research shows that there isn’t much by way of ‘document generation’ plugins and I’m not sure through my limited understanding of Bubble whether this would be possible?


You can use PDFOtter’s API :wink:

Thanks, but that looks like its for PDF generation, I’m looking for docx generation, MS Word files, not PDF.

Did you find any solution? I am facing the same problem.

Sadly not yet, but I think it will be a solution where an api connects to a document generation service instead of it being within bubble itself

You can use Integromat. They can generate a docx from a template.
If needed, you can use cloudconvert after to convert it to a different format like PDF.
It’s also possible to do that using API Connector, but it’s a lot more complex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It seems its another version of Zapier? I suppose with a solution like this it would be a case of just using multiple existing tools and using this to ‘glue’ it altogether without the need for bubble at all then? Where would bubble fit into this?

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This depend of what you are trying todo!
Integromat is a competitor of Zapier yes.
According to initial topic:
Bubble can contain your web form and send the request to Integromat and the doc come back in Bubble.

Yes, bubble can create the form, store the data and push it to Integromat which then pushes it to a doc-generator (I assume that will be the pathway).

I am having issues with creating the right form for my use-case, that is when a user logs in, instead of ‘submitting’ data into a database over and over from the same form, the form in their account contains a one off submission and this can be edited each time (a bit like an address). I will create a new thread for this.

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Hi Verity

The original author asked about generating Word documents and not PDFs. Does your method apply to doc. or docx files also?

Yes it does, it applies to docx files.

I found Docmosis after a lot of research too, and I have successfully tested it with Bubble.


Pity they are so expensive though at USD 50 a month. Did the integromat method work for you?

Why was this post flagged? I’ve been using Docmosis for the past couple of years and have been extremely happy with them.

What is it with all these complaints about pricing for so many items? $50 isn’t expensive at all. If it is then you might as well stop now. Stop expecting everything for free. Generally you get what you pay for.

I did some thorough research on this over the course of several weeks as this was an absolutely core function of my app, and not only did Docmosis come out as most competitively priced with some good render allowances, they also have help manuals on their website dedicated for Bubble so I knew I going for a working solution. They also have a working test app on their site you can view and see how it all ties into the database with the editor. They also have a thorough template guide too which demonstrates how powerful their document rendering is and all the functions you can deploy. However, feel free to do more research and see what other options you find, but you may not find many that compare well on price and overall service.

I didn’t bother with a ‘middle-man’ set-up by tying in integromat or zapier as if there are services with a direct API, it doesn’t make sense to go for a more complicated set-up. Those aren’t free either as you’re restricted by API calls.

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And their customer support is awesome. I was actually their first bubble customer, and their demo app was created in response. They actually caught on to how bubble works very quickly and after reviewing their demo app learned that I wasn’t doing things the most efficient way. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

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You sound you like you are an employee of theirs. 50 dollars a month is expensive. My bubble cost per month is half of that. At least ask your managers to offer an entry level package.

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I think you need to go and see what’s available and you’ll realise how ridiculous some other options really are, some easily going into 3 figures per month. If you are limited on budget, you can Frankenstein a solution out of this and that but it depends on how core this function is to you.

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