Documentation for creating a frontend api call plugin

Hey all does anyone know where I can find a tutorial or documentation on creating a plug-in.

I would like to create a plug-in that calls an xano api from the frontend only

Hi @chad

Actually, you can already do that using API Connector if there’s no authentication and no header to set to your call. Just activate the checkbox for that.

Thanks I understand this but what call of use doesn’t need a header or parameters

You can’t use the built in api connector in this case @chad and instead you’ll be heavy lifting in the plugin to create api calls via fetch.

Hey @jared.gibb i know our time zones don’t match so well but I’d love if you could loom a walkthrough. We are particularly hitting a graphQL endpoint. A bunch of the endpoints return the same data (ie “search products” and “get products by id”) but when using the api connector they are 2 different things which make them hard to work with.
I’d ideally like to have both those calls in the plug-in and in the return be able to get back basic product info and full product info.
We have someone in house with js knowledge but I’d like to skip the learning curve of the plug-in editor if you would be willing to help us.
Happy to pay ofcourse