Does anyone know bubbles passwords hashing procedure

In order to use a certain payment processor this information is required. I assumed its a salted SHA 256 but if anyone knows for sure I would appreciate it.

Not sure if this helps

How are passwords stored in Bubble?

We use one-way hashing and salting to store passwords. One-way hashing is an irreversible transformation: you cannot go from the hashed password back to the original password, so in a worst-case scenario if the Bubble database is compromised, the attacker won’t be able to see what the original passwords were. (The way we check a password is we hash the password that the user enters, and see if it matches the hash we have in the database. Since the only thing we care about is that the two passwords are the same, it’s not important to be able to retrieve the original password: that’s why one-way hashing is considered a best practice for password storage).

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Perfect, thank you!

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