Secure password storage

Im not sure if its a good idea to store the User’s password in the Bubble database. I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it safe to do so?

  2. If not, what is the best alternative?


No it’s not a good idea. We store them in an encrypted way on the back-end, and it’s better to keep them like this.

Why would you want to store the password?


Hey Emmanuel, I was going to store them to check when a user tries to log in. I am new to Bubble and am unfamiliar with an easier way to log users back in.

PS: Thanks for everything, great platform

Nvm, my workflow was incorrect. Got the log in working without needing to reference user’s password

I would let the user log themselves back in all on their own. If they want their password saved they can do that on their own system.

You can create a user log-in log a few different ways.
I’m not sure what you are aiming for but perhaps:
just set a counter to keep track of how many times a user has visited your site.
Or send the users name, log in date/time, and count to another list.

Passwords are private information that no humans need to know unless it’s your own password.