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Does anyone need face recognition / face detection plugin for Bubble?

Hi, people. We are building no-code AI platform that helps people with no prior domain knowledge in code and math train neural networks. I noticed that some users showing interest to face detection / face recognition tools. Indeed, there are already few existing plugings for Bubble (e.g. Amazon Rekongition).
So, I’m curious whether we should make one more face detection / face recognition module. We use our own custom trained networks, that often outperform other alternatives. If you are interest in such module, please leave your feedback and wishes.
Should we provide in the module following options?
Age prediction
Gender prediction
Emotion recognition
Wearing glasses or not
Wearing hat or not

Also, I don’t know whether it is appropriate to leave direct link to our website. If anyone wants to know more details about our product, please DM me.

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Hello @yura.vasiliuk

Would it recognize the face in a full body picture?

Yes. Sure.
Beyond detection stage we also can provide recognition/verification (when you need to ensure whether particular detected face same with target face).

I can see use cases when you want to perform personnel audits for proper safety attire in manufacturing / construction settings. As one example.

This is a micro saas I am working for that uses a Bubble mobile webapp for safety inspections. I can envision adding person detection functionality to enhance it.

If I correctly interpreted - you meant something like “whether employee wearing helmet or defending glasses”. Am I correct?

First would be to identify their name to speed up the inspection … and then train the AI to identify missing attire … as one use case that comes to mind

“Identify their name” - is recognition part. yes, module can do this.
“train the AI to identify missing attire” - yes, we have auto-train tool. If need to detect helmet hat or glasses - this could come out-of-the-box already. If something more custom, than you could use auto train module.

Interesting thanks

Yes, I’d be interested in such a plugin if it is easy enough to implement. Most important feature would be to have facial recognition to identify a person in a random photo. ie user uploads a (couple of?) picture and the app can find pictures in which this person is shown from a random set of photos.

I’m not sure whether the google/amazon plugins provide this functionality. They only mention descriptors such as emotion, and facial landmarks as an output. I’m looking for an out of the box input picture - output matching pictures solution.

I’m interested in a low cost solution for identifying users with their face against a library of images. All self custodial so nothing weird. Would like to detect if there are multiple matching faces in a photo or video stream (ideally) aws face rekignitin does part if this but I’m not sure if the existing plug-in supports my use case. But there pricing of aws is reasonable.

Depending on your requirements, some plugins already exist.

For each face detected, the below plugins returns face details.
These details include a bounding box of the face, a confidence value (that the bounding box contains a face), and a fixed set of attributes such as facial landmarks (for example, coordinates of eye and mouth), presence of beard, sunglass, along with face postions.

If you are looking for Google Vision or AWS Rekognition plugins, these may fit your requirements:

Also to search for a face against a reference picture: