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Plugin Compare Faces & Face Search

Hi you all. I 'd like to use this plugin for my on-building app but there is no documentation how to set it up.
Can anyone enlighten me on how to set it up please? Thanks for any advice.

Hi @ngocquangvgc !

We would suggest you to use the following plugin, which compare a reference picture (the one in your database, as long as it is accessible through a URL), with the selfie one (target picture). The output is a similarity % between those two.

The instructions are written on the plugin page.

Does it answer to your question?

Thanks @redvivi. This is a paid plugin and requires Bubble personal plan. I’m in the stage of testing some core features in my app and I’d like to use free plugin with free plan first.

I understand.
Feel free to DM us, we would be happy to let you give a test drive for a limited time free of charge.

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That’s great! Thanks in advance.