Does Auto Binding work without any issues these days?

I remember back in the day Air Dev did not like to use Auto Binding as it was buggy.

I don’t seem to have any issues with it these days but wondered if others are running into edge cases where it’s not reliable?


We had a random issue with reliability on one random variable a couple of weeks ago that bubble support promptly resolved.

However the biggest issue we face with autobinding is the poor UX that it creates.

We’re in the process of removing it from all of our forms because of the continuous complaints. When you change a field bubble essentially reloads the page which not only slows everything down but the user also loses the curser in the next highlighted field which is really poor.

Because of this we’re finding that autobinding is only useful for certain tasks.

It’s a shame that bubble doesn’t handle all of this in the background to ensure a smoother UX.

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Thanks, that’s very interesting feedback.

Hi @shaun,

Can you elaborate a bit? I created a quick test page, and I don’t see that behavior. When I change an auto-bind input and that input loses focus (such as tabbing to the next field), the progress bar appears as the data is updated in the background, but the page itself doesn’t refresh.

Additionally, tabbing to the next field pre-selects any text already in that field. If the field is empty, the text cursor appears. In short, it behaves pretty much the way I expected.

I realize this is a pretty simple, bare-bones example, but could there be an interaction with a plug-in or something else on the page that’s causing the undesirable behavior you see?

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