Text field deletes text after you have begun to type

Anyone else notice the text fields behaving badly? Since i cant remember the bubble form fields will delete data after you start typing in them, rendering the field blank and having o start over. This is always been a problem with auto binding BUT lately the regular text fields are deleting text as you start to type into them.

Can’t say that I’ve noticed that problem. Though I can see it happening if you’re using auto binding and also have a “when this value is changed workflow” associated with the same thing.

Perhaps post a few screenshots or a video?

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Just to clarify, you have never seen that happen with autobinding fields? II just asking since if that’s true, i might have to ask bubble why my autobinding text fields delete stuff after 1-2 seconds of typing. I thought this was a platform nuance.

I’ve seen it with autobinding on rare occasions, but never without it. If you have a link to the app, I can test it here to see if it may be browser related.

I tend to use auto binding to a pretty limited extent (in favor of workflows). So I can’t say I have a large base to test from. I may have seen it once or twice and written it off, nothing beyond that.

Echoing @petter, happy to take a look if you share a link.

I get a lot of complaints in my app since I use autobinding about the text deleting. I wish there was a way to fix the autobinding thing. Make life a lot easier.

Thats a bummer i am worried people will complain about that too

Ya. They probably will. Try to avoid autobinding if you can. Try doing workflows instead like it was suggested. Probably more reliable. It would take a lot for me to go back and change my whole program to fix it. Maybe you can fix it now before it’s too late.

hahaha :frowning: i have a lot of autobinding… its like autobinding city

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