Does Bubble cache "Do a search for" for multiple sessions?

Hello everybody,

I am buidling an app that needs to do a search for and display the results in a RG to the users.

For all users, the data is the same and technically, the searches will be the same for every user and every page load. I can’t use Option Sets because the data has stuff that can’t be public.

I have a few thousand users and I am trying to save on WU just for showing the same things multiple times as they will be actively browsing the app.

Does Bubble cache (or charge less WU) for repeating searches, regardless of the session or user?

I don’t want to use an external database.

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Maybe might be what you need?
It’s built by @gaimed , super helpful guy.

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No…but in the same session on the same page for the same search it is not consuming extra WUs

Thanks. That’s something I know and works well for the SPA.

I am more concerned about users continously reopening the page/app and refreshing it.

@rico.trevisan Unfortunately, this won’t work for my use case because WU Reducer exposes the payload publicly and I can use Option Sets for that. I need to keep it private