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Does bubble support bbcode [size]

Does Bubble support all of the BBcodes?
In this post @emmanuel implies that [size] is a supported tag, but it’s not working for me. Conditional formatting of an element based on value of calculated variable

tbh, I don’t know, and haven’t tried it, but would it not be better to set font size via styling?

It’s just half of the text that’s supposed to be larger. I’m not aware of a way to use two different text elements right next to each other cleanly. They don’t resize properly.

instead of using a text element, you could use an html element and then using standard styling mark up around the various text and dynamic text as you see fit.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that. I managed to fudge something together.

One angle on it is that the html element wouldn’t respond to my attempts to center the text vertically. I think what was happening was the html element was shrinking vertically to just the height of the one line of text. So I still had to toggle between a regular input and the html for more colorful sized text under different circumstances.

Still, it would be nice to know which BBCodes Bubble supports.

I think I have used the size code in standard text boxes, but it maybe hasn’t been implemented/or working through the initial content boxes, you maybe want to raise a bug query.

I think Bbcode size can only be in the range [1;6].

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For future reference, the [size] tag does seem to work, but only for certain values. Seems like it’s between 0 and 7? Maybe? Weirdly, “.5” seems to work, it’s smaller than “1”, but “6.5” was the same size as “6”.

Unless you change the style’s font size. The BBcode font sizes all stay the same, except “.5” gets a lot bigger; also the line spacing increases.

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