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Bbcode to HTML Converter Required asap

Hey everyone…

I need to implement a BBcode to HTML converter over the next few days.

Does anyone know of some reliable resources that may help me?



Hello @antony ,
I also have this problem. Did you manage to solve?

I believe code is required for this. I’ve used this Javascript library before:

Unfortunately plugins cannot take advantage of bubble’s built-in BBCode library implementation so I had to use this library to allow BB code to be used inside my plugin. One of the nice things is it lets you customize and add in your own tags that aren’t supported by bubble.

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Hi @jon2 , would you please share us the plugin page of a plugin that uses this library? So that we can see the code and learn how to implement it on our plugins?


Hi there,

The plug-in are dragtable & dragtable plus. They are closed source paid plugins so I cannot provide you source code.

The implementation of the library is fairly straightforward. It provides you a global JS function where you can input raw BBcode text and it returns HTML.

For example:

bbConvert(“[url=]google link[/url]”)

Returns this text string below which you can pass into your page element’s html

<a href=“”>google link</a>

Note: bubble has their own specific implementation of Bbcode and so some things may vary. For example: bubble uses arbitrary font sizes (not in pt size) so as I recall this library would render those very differently. This is important because the bubble rich text editor won’t create text that matches your html output if bubble is using “size 1” and the plug-in outputs font in “1pt” font size. Fortunately you can change pretty much anything for how bbcode will render including font size.

What’s also cool is you can add in new bbcode functions of your own and they’ll work inside your plug-in.

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