Does Bubble use the unpkg CDN?

A-ha, @copilot. I’d never messed with the “shared assets” section of the plug-in editor. Thanks for the tip. That’s extremely handy! Your comment wins the Internet for me today.

So this makes me still wonder a modified version of my question: “For my big custom config file script, should I continue serving that via AWS, or would it be better to upload that to Cloudfront?” I’m guessing the latter might be superior (thinking being that the AWS file bucket probably doesn’t exist in a CDN-like environment with multiple geographically distributed servers and whatnot…).

(Note to self and others: You can just use that facility in the plug-in editor to upload customized libs or whatever right to Cloudfront. The interface returns you a path to the stored object in Cloudfront. That thing is then generally available via that URL. No need to actually complete or publish a plug-in to use this, just create a dummy plug-in and use that facility.



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